How we work

Bringing value from concept to completion:

Thanks to their systematically developed expertise in all things fruit, Bagusat is able to offer a unprecedented selection of produce as well as an efficient manufacturing procedure from cultivation all the way to the supermarket shelves.

Technological leadership by means of our HPP facility.

We are the first German fruit juice manufacturer to use HPP. Throughout this process, cold-pressed juice is bottled and immersed into a cold-water bath. It is here that the juice is subjected to a high level of pressure (around 6000 bar, which is the same pressure you would experience nearly 33,000 ft. below sea level). This completely destroys all bacteria, yeasts and mould present.

Useful vitamins and ingredients as well as freshly pressed taste are however retained during this procedure, as the cold-pressed juice is never heated.

Bespoke product design:

As private label specialists we also conceptualise lucrative ideas for consumers as well as trade partners. We predict future trends, develop tailored products as well as different forms of packaging and designs and conceive corresponding marketing strategies.